Is it possible to distribute personal protective equipment at will?

2020-08-26 16:59:37 kohoo

  On December 15, 2016, a group of experts gathered in Beijing to discuss the "13th Five-Year Development Plan for Personal Protective Equipment Standards". Experts believe that the formulation and revision of mandatory national standards for personal protective equipment should focus on key industries and launch them as soon as possible.

  Some experts believe that for more than ten years, my country’s personal protective equipment standard system has emerged from the backward situation of “lack”, “scattered”, “old” and “weak” in the past. Compared with similar standards, the gap is still large. Such as lack of top-level design, backward standard system construction, etc.

  This seminar was conducted at the 2016 annual meeting of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Personal Protective Equipment. Experts at the meeting proposed that the formulation and revision of personal protective equipment standards must be based on serving workers, and a standard system with mandatory national standards for personal protective equipment as the core should be formed. On this basis, standardize the purchase and distribution of personal protective equipment by enterprises, promote the survival of the fittest in the market, and eliminate unreasonable low-price competition.

  It is reported that this annual meeting is the first meeting of the Fifth National Standardization Technical Committee of Personal Protective Equipment. After this re-election, there are 49 members. Among them, not only experts in the military and civilian fields such as the production, scientific research, and testing of personal protective equipment are included, but also the heads of relevant regulatory departments of the State Administration of Work Safety, and occupational health management who use personal protective equipment and work in central enterprises. Experts etc.

  Seeing the "Thirteenth Five-Year" development plan formulated by the new standard committee, an expert from the enterprise said: "The introduction of mandatory national standards for industry equipment is beneficial to both the enterprise and the workers. For different job positions, There will be no arbitrariness for enterprises to distribute protective equipment of what type and level of protection, and there is a basis for government supervision.