What are the functions of meltblown filter cloth masks? What is melt blown filter cloth?

2020-08-26 15:00:09 kohoo

  What are the functions of melt-blown filter cloth masks? What is melt-blown filter cloth? Melt-blown filter cloth has a good filtering effect. With the strengthening of people’s awareness of protection, melt-blown filter cloth has been made into masks and applied in life, which is very popular. , Then what is the structure of the meltblown filter cloth mask? What are the protective functions?

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  We wear masks in our lives, mainly to isolate dust, haze, bacteria and other pollution and viruses. According to different protection requirements, the classification of masks is also different. Ordinary flat masks generally consist of three layers, and the upper and lower sides are made of PP non-woven fabric. The middle layer is a protective melt blown cloth, generally 20 grams of weight; while the N95 cup mask is composed of needle punched cotton, melt blown cloth, and non-woven fabric, the melt blown cloth is usually 40 grams or even Higher, coupled with the thickness of the needle-punched cotton, so it looks thicker than a flat mask in appearance, and its protective effect can reach at least 95%.

  Melt blown filter cloth mainly plays the role of isolation and filtration in masks. Due to the special manufacturing process of melt blown filter cloth, it can effectively prevent dust, bacteria, viruses, etc. from entering the human body, reduce various infections, and effectively protect human health.